Whitelisted borrowers will be guided through an onboarding process consisting of the following steps:
  • KYC and AML – This process is conducted by Clearpool's partner - X-Margin
  • Legal Agreements – Borrowers (and lenders) must agree to the Clearpool Terms & Conditions
  • MPC Wallet – A supported multi-party computation wallet (MPC) is recommended (but not required) to borrow and repay liquidity
  • Stake CPOOL - Borrowers must stake CPOOL to become eligible to launch a pool*
  • Credit Risk Assessment – A credit risk score and borrower capacity will be calculated by X-Margin (see Credit Risk Scoring for more information)
*The amount of CPOOL stake required for whitelisting is equivalent to 1% of the average pool size of all current permissionless pools. Calculated as such: CPOOL Stake = [(Sum of Pool Size of all Permissionless Pools / Number of Permissionless Pools) x 1%] / Last Daily closing price of CPOOL.
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