Q1 2024
Credit Vaults
New Chain
Fintech Borrowers
New Multi-chain UI/UX
Term Pools
Q2 2024
New CPOOL Staking Model & Protocol Governance
Larger Variety of Borrowers & Credit Products
Detailed Credit Reports
Q3 2024
Collateralized Lending
Continued Multi-Chain Growth
New Asset Support
Q4 2024
Clearpool Prime V2
Exchange Traded Pools
- Q1 ✅ Clearpool Protocol Ethereum mainnet ✅ 3 new pools with Folkwang, Wintermute and FBG Capital - Q2 ✅ Permissioned Pool with Jane Street ✅ New Interest Rate Model – Cosine Curve ✅ Improved UX of the application ✅ 2 new pools with TPS Capital, Amber Group and Auros - Q3 ✅ Clearpool Mainnet Launch - Polygon ✅ CPOOL buybacks - Official launch ✅ CPOOL Native Staking & Oracles - Official launch - Q4 ✅ Permissioned Pools v2
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