Clearpool & Polygon Rewards Campaign - Ended

Additional APR was paid in MATIC for early LPs on the Polygon Market. Results attached!

We would like to thank everyone that participated as early LPs on the Clearpool Polygon Marketplace. The final Snapshot was taken on the 26th of September, and MATIC rewards were distributed shortly after. Results of this campaign can be found here.

Transaction HashAmount Distributed

84.9954107944 MATIC

1855.6294295384 MATIC

115.3207856337 MATIC

83005.091421709 MATIC

10336.4359481984 MATIC

65213.6640809681 MATIC

0xa7625f964c93f8a62dbed06baffdaf8c20025d77 paid to 0x9030D5C596d636eEFC8f0ad7b2788AE7E9ef3D46

2,307.069206401750 MATIC

0xed3feb8f8cb9f2d0cce045c3586351132f9c4523 0xc36a4a2e8cddce284fb6d6111af363ecb69fde9d 0xc0a4bff1c2d081198d2eb0680c2fce033db965d0 0x67e6cf92107ee4d9be3e905944520b84b5375f0c

The following wallet addresses, please contact Clearpool Team.

To celebrate the launch of Clearpool on Polygon, Polygon had provided 170,000 MATIC tokens, available to be farmed by early LP's on the Clearpool Polygon Marketplace.

For 60 days commencing on the 28th July 2022, all lenders (LP's) to liquidity pools on the Clearpool Polygon Marketplace would receive additional LP rewards paid in MATIC.

Clearpool took daily snapshot of the pool LP's, and calculated the APR accordingly. The live MATIC APR was being displayed on the app, and accrued by LP's in addition to USDC interest and CPOOL LP rewards.

At the conclusion of this limited 60 day promotional period. Clearpool distributed, via airdrop, the MATIC rewards to participating wallet addresses. The amount of MATIC rewards earned was proportionate to the amount of liquidity provided and the current APR at each snapshot timestamp.

To participate you simply had to supply USDC liquidity to a borrower pool on the Clearpool Polygon Marketplace during the promotional period. To maximise rewards LPs were reminded to deposit early, and ensure that funds remained deposited for the entire promotional period! USDC interest and CPOOL LP rewards have continued to accrue on balances that remain deposited after the promotion ended.

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