CPOOL Utility

Borrower Stake

Before a new borrower launches a permissionless liquidity pool, they must first stake an amount of CPOOL.
For the calculation of the borrower stake amount please see Onboarding.
This utility ensures that, as long as the protocol continues to attract new borrowers, there will always be a constant demand for CPOOL. Additionally, the staked CPOOL remains locked for the entire duration that the pool is open.

Delegated Staking

Anyone holding CPOOL can earn a yield through staking CPOOL with Clearpool Oracles.

LP Rewards

Liquidity Providers are rewarded for supplying liquidity to borrower pools with additional rewards paid in CPOOL. CPOOL rewards are provided in addition to the USDC interest paid by the borrower, which help to keep lending yields on Clearpool among the most competitive in the industry.
This utility ensures that Clearpool will always be one of the most attractive venues for lending in DeFi, fueling the growth of the protocol.
Protocol growth, in turn, increases revenues. Revenues are used to buyback CPOOL on the open market.