CpTokens are unique tokens that represent your contribution as a lender to a specific Credit Vault. Here's what makes them special:

  • Pool-Specific: Each Credit Vault has its own CpToken. This ensures your stake is clearly tied to the chosen borrowing pool.

  • Trackable on Block Explorers: You can easily find your CpTokens' address using a block explorer, just like the Credit Vault address itself.

  • Three Key Features:

    • Tracks Your Contribution: The amount of CpTokens you hold directly reflects the amount of liquidity you've provided to the pool.

    • Earns Interest: Every block, your CpTokens automatically compound interest based on the pool's specific rate.

    • Reflects Borrower Risk: CpTokens are tied to the creditworthiness of the borrower associated with the Credit Vault.

CpTokens are just the beginning. Our roadmap outlines exciting new features and products that will empower lenders with even more sophisticated options:

  • Enhanced Risk Management: Imagine tools that allow you to manage and hedge risks associated with your CpToken holdings.

  • Greater Optionality: The future holds the potential for even more ways to leverage your CpTokens, unlocking new opportunities for lenders.

Stay tuned for further developments, via the Roadmap, as we build a more dynamic and efficient credit ecosystem with CpTokens at its core.

Before you can see your cpTokens in your MetaMask wallet, you'll need to import them. The good news is, the cpToken address is the same as the pool address!

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