For Lenders


  • Flexibility: There are no lock-up periods, meaning you can deposit and withdraw your USDX anytime without restrictions.

  • Maximize Returns: Not only do you earn a treasury yield of ~5% APY on USDX, but your returns are boosted via extra FLR rewards.

Simple Process to Earn Yield & Rewards

  1. Deposit USDX & receive cUSDX: To begin earning yield, deposit your USDX holdings into the Treasuries Pool. In return, you will receive cUSDX tokens.

  2. Earn rewards & withdraw: Once you have deposited your USDX and received cUSDX, you will automatically start earning rewards. These rewards accrue continuously each block, allowing you to see your returns grow directly on the Clearpool app and withdraw them anytime.

  3. Convert cUSDX back to USDX: If you decide to withdraw your USDX, you can convert your cUSDX tokens back to USDX immediately, at any time.

Understanding cUSDX & Rewards cUSDX is the equivalent of an LP (Liquidity Provider) token commonly used in many DeFi protocols. It represents a 1:1 value of your deposited USDX. When you deposit USDX on Clearpool, you not only earn a yield on your USDX but also receive additional rewards in the form of FLR tokens. Users can claim USDX and FLR rewards at any time without withdrawing their initial USDX deposit.

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