Borrow & Repay

Managing Your Borrowing: A Seamless Process

The Clearpool App puts you in control of your Credit Vault borrowing and repayments:

1. Connect and Borrow:

  • Make sure you're connected to the Clearpool App with your verified wallet. This ensures a secure and streamlined experience.

  • Once connected, your wallet will automatically receive liquidity routed directly from lenders.

2. Easy Repayments:

  • When it's time to repay withdrawal requests, head to your dedicated pool page within the app.

  • Here, you can clearly see the amount you need to repay. Simply approve the repayment sum.

  • Finally, confirm the transaction in your wallet to complete the repayment.

The borrowed asset will automatically return to the smart contract upon successful confirmation.

Borrowing and repaying liquidity will not affect the utilisation, nor interest rates. Interest starts accruing as soon as a lender supplies liquidity, hence, always assuming 100% utilisation.

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