Pool Size

Setting and Adjusting Pool Size Caps

Credit Vaults allow for flexible pool size caps, giving borrowers control over the amount of liquidity they raise. Here's how it works:

  • Setting the Cap at Creation: During pool creation, the borrower can define a maximum pool size. This cap limits the total amount of funds that can be deposited into the pool.

  • Increasing the Cap: Borrowers have the freedom to raise the pool size cap at any time. This allows borrowers to raise additional liquidity beyond the initial target.

  • Decreasing the Cap: Borrowers can also choose to lower the cap. However, this only affects future deposits. Existing liquidity within the pool remains unaffected and continues to earn the established APR.

This approach provides borrowers with the flexibility to adjust their funding needs as circumstances evolve, while ensuring existing lenders' investments are protected.

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