Launching a Pool

Ready to Launch Your Credit Vault?

Head over to the Clearpool App to get started with creating your own Credit Vault. Here are some key things to consider when setting up your pool:

Credit Vault Parameters:




USDT/USDC. The address of the asset token contract.

Token symbol

cp[ABC]-(asset). The name and symbol of the lpToken of the pool. ABC values are replaced with 3 characters at will.

Borrow APR

Percentage (%). The interest rate at which the pool borrower will loan the assets.

Pool size cap

The limitation of the amount of assets a pool can accept for borrowing. Denominated in asset currency.

Repayment frequency

Repeating period in days by the end of which the borrower needs to repay any requested withdrawals from lenders. Minimal period 1 day (24 hours)

Minimum notice period

The minimum time required before repayment ends allowed for lender withdrawals to be submitted. Denominated in days. The minimum notice period is 0 days which enables the lender to request a callback anytime.

Minimum depozit size

The minimum amount of assets the lender is allowed to deposit into the pool

Lender KYC

Whether pool lenders are required to pass KYC verification or not. Boolean.

By carefully considering these factors, you can tailor your Credit Vault to effectively meet your borrowing needs and attract lenders.

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