For Lenders

Become a Lender and Earn Interest

Credit Vaults offer a compelling opportunity to earn returns on your cryptocurrency holdings. Here's how it works:

  • Supply Liquidity: Contribute to borrowing pools using the pool's specific asset (e.g., USDC for a USDC pool).

  • Smart Contract Security: Your transaction is recorded on a secure blockchain-based smart contract, ensuring transparency and immutability.

  • Instant Liquidity Transfer: The funds you contribute are immediately directed to the borrower's wallet.

  • Start Earning Right Away: Assuming 100% pool utilization (all funds are borrowed), you'll begin accruing interest on your contribution from the moment you supply liquidity.

  • Fungible LP Tokens: In exchange for your contribution, you'll receive fungible LP Tokens. These tokens are transferrable and represent your share of the pool.

  • Accruing Interest: Your LP Tokens continuously compounds interest based on the pool's annual percentage rate (APR).

  • Dynamic Exchange Rate: The exchange rate of your cpTokens increases over time, reflecting the growing interest you've earned.

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