Oracles and Staking

Earn attractive yields by staking CPOOL to a Clearpool Oracle staking pool.

How to Stake

If you are currently staking CPOOL on AscendEX or KuCoin, please refer to the exchange's official documentation for details on how to un-stake and to withdraw your tokens from the exchange.

  1. Go to the staking page

  2. Select an Oracle (you can stake to multiple Oracles)

  3. Enter the amount of CPOOL you would like to stake

  4. Approve the amount and execute the transaction in your wallet interface

  5. Staking rewards are calculated and distributed at the end of each epoch (every 2 weeks)

  6. Rewards can be claimed at any time

Voting power and rewards are capped at 15%. Rewards are shared amongst all stakers within an Oracle pool (staking to an Oracle with more than 15% of total staked CPOOL will result in a lower APR)


You can un-stake at any time, but will not earn any rewards from the epoch in which you un-stake.


Epoch is the cycle represented by the time period, where:

  • the start of the cycle is the end of the previous epoch, and

  • the end of the cycle is the time when the interest rate is adjusted

The current epoch length is 2 weeks.

Staking Yield

Staking yields will vary depending on the number of CPOOL, the number of Oracles, and the voting power of each Oracle during each epoch.

Rewards Calculation Formula

my_reward = reward * my_stake / total_stake * time, where:

  • time -> amount of blocks my stake is being staked within this epoch

  • reward = airdrop_amount - oracle_fee

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