Clearpool Oracles

The Clearpool Oracle governance mechanism has been designed to ensure that the interest rate curves on Clearpool permissionless pools move fluidly with market conditions.

How it works

  • Over the course of a periodic epoch, Oracles submit votes on the Clearpool IRM curve model parameters

  • Votes outside the 1st and 3rd quartile are removed resulting in a truncated distribution for each parameter

  • The weighted average of remaining votes is calculated and used to set each respective parameter for the subsequent epoch

  • An Oracle’s weight is determined by the amount of CPOOL staked by/to each Oracle

  • All Oracle's are rewarded based on the (Capped) Voting Power, and all votes are made public via the Oracle Voting Results page

  • CPOOL rewards are distributed proportionally to the Oracle’s delegators with the Oracle itself retaining a % commission

  • Oracles set the commission % themselves. This can be changed at anytime but will only take effect at the beginning of the following epoch

  • If an Oracles stake drops below the minimum (see below) they will no longer be eligible to vote, hence no rewards will be distributed

Voting power and rewards are capped at 15%. Rewards are shared amongst all stakers within an Oracle pool (staking to an Oracle with more than 15% of total staked CPOOL will result in a lower APR)

Oracle Requirements

  • Minimum CPOOL stake: 150,000 CPOOL

  • Voting frequency: once every 2 weeks

  • Max voting power: 15% of total CPOOL staked

  • Commission rate. Set by Oracle

Request to become an Oracle by submitting this form.

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