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Clearpool & Optimism Rewards Campaign

Earn an additional 5% APR paid in OP Tokens for early LPs on the Optimism Market
To celebrate the launch on the OP Mainnet, the Optimism Foundation has granted 150,000 OP tokens to Clearpool, which will be used as rewards for early LP providers on the Clearpool Optimism Market. The grants represent the highest tier of rewards possible in Optimism’s latest cycle, and demonstrate the unique value that Clearpool brings to the OP Mainnet by transforming its lending landscape.
The first campaign will start immediately and run for 60 days where all lenders to liquidity pools on the Clearpool Optimism Market will receive additional LP rewards paid in OP. The OP rewards will be distributed in addition to the interest paid by borrowers. On a weekly basis, Clearpool will airdrop the OP rewards to the users lending to any borrower pools on Optimism, to the address used for providing liquidity. Every day a snapshot will be taken, and OP rewards will be calculated on the proportion of liquidity provided by the LP at that specific time. The first snapshot will be taken on 26th October 2023 and the final one will be taken on 24th December 2023.
Over the first 60 day campaign, the maximum daily distribution will be set to 657 OP tokens, leading to a total distribution of 40,000 OP tokens over the 2 months period. The APR of OP tokens will be capped at 5% to ensure a sustained distribution of the grant provided by the Optimism Foundation. See below table for more details on rewards distribution.
  • Snapshots will be taken every day at randomized times
  • Only LPs that were providing liquidity at the time of the snapshot will accrue OP rewards for that particular day
  • OP rewards will be calculated based on the proportion of liquidity that was provided by the LP at the time of each daily snapshot
  • OP rewards will be distributed weekly (Wednesdays) to the address you provide liquidity from
  • In case of a dispute regarding OP distribution, Clearpool reserves the right to a final decision
Click here to visit the Clearpool Optimism Market.
Distribution Date
November 1st, 2023
November 8th, 2023
November 15th, 2023
November 22nd, 2023
November 29th, 2023
December 6th, 2023