What is Clearpool

Clearpool is a Decentralized Finance ecosystem incorporating the first-ever permissionless marketplace for unsecured institutional liquidity.
Driven by market forces of supply and demand, Clearpool’s permissionless single-borrower pools enable institutions to raise short-term capital while providing DeFi lenders access to risk-adjusted returns based on interest rates derived by market consensus.
A second, fully permissioned institutional-grade platform further meets the compliance needs for wholesale borrowing and lending of digital assets by institutional market participants.

Permissionless Pools

Lend directly to whitelisted institutions and earn risk-adjusted returns. No lock-up period.

Permissioned Pools

Institutional-grade marketplace for permissioned wholesale borrowing and lending that is fully KYC/B-compliant to meet the regulatory needs of professional market participants.

Oracles & Staking

The Clearpool Oracle network, composed of various institutions, votes on parameters that determine the interest rates of permissionless pools.
Earn yields on CPOOL by staking to an Oracle pool and contribute to securing the interest rate pricing mechanism.

Clearpool is available on Ethereum & Polygon