Delegated Staking
Stake CPOOL to help to secure the interest rate pricing model.
Coming soon.
To earn a yield on your CPOOL holdings, you can stake CPOOL and delegate your voting power to a Clearpool Oracle.
Clearpool Oracles perform an important function, by providing inputs which ensure that the interest rates paid by borrowers accurately reflect current market conditions.
At the end of each epoch, the data provided by the Oracles will be used to shape the interest rate curve for the following epoch.
The Oracles whose inputs fall within a specific range of the median will be awarded with a proportionate share of the CPOOL reward emissions for that epoch.
These rewards, in turn, will be proportionately distributed to the CPOOL holders who delegated voting power to the successful Oracle(s), minus the Oracle's fee.
Staking yields will vary depending on the number of CPOOL staked and the number of successful Oracles in each epoch.
More details will be announced soon.
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