Borrowers will be guided through an onboarding process consisting of the following steps:
  • KYC and AML – This process is conducted by Clearpool's partner - Credora
  • Legal Agreements – Borrowers (and lenders) must agree to the Clearpool Terms & Conditions
  • MPC Wallet – A supported multi-party computation wallet (MPC) is recommended (but not required) to borrow and repay liquidity
  • Credit Risk Assessment – A credit risk score and borrower capacity will be calculated by Credora (see Credit Risk Scoring for more information)
Following the successful completion of this process, the final step is for the borrower to stake CPOOL in order for the pool to be launched.
  • Borrower stake – Borrowers stake CPOOL before the pool is launched*
*The stake is calculated as the lower of either:
1% of the average pool size of all current active permissionless pools
(borrower CPOOL stake = [(sum of pool size of all permissionless pools / number of permissionless pools) x 1%] / last daily closing price of CPOOL)
0.5% of borrower capacity
(borrower CPOOL stake = 0.5% of the borrower capacity as calculated by Credora / last daily closing price of CPOOL)